Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Cxperium, what is it for?

    PollBot is a web-based product with which you can create and share WhatsApp-based surveys.

    With PollBot;

    • You can create and share WhatsApp-based surveys.

    • You can report the survey results.

    • You can analyze big data within surveys.

    • You can send surveys to your customers via WhatsApp.

    • You can manage your Customer Satisfaction efforts from a single platform.

  • Is Cxperium service safe?

    Cxperium service is completely safe within the context of GDPR and it proceeds completely on WhatsApp.

  • How is Cxperium different from traditional survey systems?

    Cxperium is a WhatsApp-based product. Unlike other competitors, Cxperium manages all survey operations via WhatsApp. The survey participant participates in the survey directly via WhatsApp without being redirected to a 3rd party site. With its interactive buttons and easy interface, Cxperium offers a great experience to its users.

    An unusual reporting capability!

    With Cxperium, you can collect the name, surname and phone number information of the survey participants together with the survey result after the KVKK approval text is accepted. In terms of the authenticity of the survey results and participant verification, these two pieces of information will provide us with maximum accuracy. Exporting survey results is just a button away.

    Customizable Dashboards

    With Cxperium's customizable dashboard screen, you will be able to easily analyze the survey results and access meaningful data.

    Mass survey sending feature !

    Thanks to Cxperium's CRM System, you will be able to share surveys to your participants or employee list via WhatsApp.

    High response rate !

    The rate of reading SMS or Email is 3% worldwide, while this figure is 98% for WhatsApp.

  • How can I subscribe?

    You can see our pricing table in subscription menu and select the package most suitable for your needs.


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