Creating a WhatsApp Survey

Creating a WhatsApp Survey

WhatsApp Usage Purposes and New Add-ons

Thanks to the developing technology and internet age, various applications and software have entered to our lives. WhatsApp is mainly the pioneer of written communications among these applications. Since 2010, we can use WhatsApp same way we used MSN messenger around the start of 2000’s on our computers. WhatsApp has now came to a point where it has become a basic everyday need rather than a simple application. A person that buys a smartphone first downloads the WhatsApp app first before adding their contacts list. The application which overtook the call and SMS features of smarthones has reached to a different level.

WhatsApp contains features such as file transfer, audio post, text communication, video call, voice call, photo sharing, status or Story sharing. With the new update, users can create special groups for each user with WhatsApp Business. Global software developers constantly improve by adding new features to the software. By achieving no one has achieved in the world, our company has discovered a benefitial feature which will shake the ground of WhatsApp history.

Creating a group feature is one of the most used features of WhatsApp especially by companies. Due to various bussiness branches sharings are made inside of the group to the members. However, people responding one by one and contacting individually creates the need of a poll system. Our company developed a poll creation feature on WhatsApp with Cxperium system and put it into service. It is now possible to gather information and save time by creating a poll via WhatApp in Groups or individual communications.

WhatsApp Poll Usage Areas and Features

It is possible for you to access the handy poll creation system via WhatsApp by the courtesy of our company. WhatsApp Survey a.k.a WhatsApp poll facilitates especially the jobs of the employers. Today, support is provided via WhatsApp in many areas such as many e-commerce companies, cooperation companies, agencies, fair services, hostess services, advertising companies, and the service sector. In addition to this support, there are also sales or business sharing environments. Thus, we see hundreds of created groups on WhatsApp. Thanks to Pollbot, teams within the company can now express their opinions and suggestions in a very practical way. In addition to this, persons who wants to attend to projects or people who are looking for purchase support can speed up the process by creating a poll.

The purpose of the WhatsApp poll system produced by our company is completely in line with the needs of people. It is one of the features that will facilitate the work of not only sales companies, but also various survey companies. WhatsApp poll is not a feature just for companies, it is also one of the developments that will add practicality in school groups of which are supported by the state government. It will bring a breath of fresh air to the university groups or student surveys and comments within the university. Cxperium, a service that everyone can benefit from has been brought to you by considering all these stages. It will also appear as a software suitable to use among families or by individuals.

WhatsApp poll is one of the most effective software that will work in every field where imagination and human idea can reach.Users can even be use Pollbot survey service to write academic theses or prepare selection surveys in various fields. People do not want to participate in random surveys which takes place in the streets because of the busy routine of life. But thanks to WhatsApp poll, instant participation is possible with just a simple click of a button. In addition, the high participation rate is seen due to the fact of the heavy usage of WhatsApp as the target populace.

How to Use WhatsApp Poll?

Using the survey software for WhatsApp is simple. After receiving basic information from our company, you can create a survey through a single connection. After receiving basic information from our company, you can create a survey through a single connection. As a result of your survey, you can see the choices of your participants and analyze the data from the Pollbot’s analysis screen. As a result, it creates the possibility to analyze your subject statistically and act accordingly to the situation. With the survey feature of Pollbot, it is possible to finish the workload of 4-5 people in seconds. One of the benefits of the software will be to get prevent the extra staff costs and hours of effort. You can obtain the feature by getting information about the WhatsApp survey software on the Cxperium. You will be able to convey your requests and questions through the communication channels.

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