Discover how employee experience surveys help you gather actionable feedback at scale.​ ​


Streamline Your Appointment Processes

Streamline the processes of your patients who want to make an appointment with you by using Whatsapp surveys. Offer your patients the best appointment support with fast interaction via messaging apps.

There has been a 30% increase in interactions with patients.

Get to know your patients

Also, get preliminary information about your patients with the application questionnaires that you will send before the appointment. Manage the expectations of your patients in the best way with the feedback surveys you will send after the appointment.

A 15% increase was achieved in improvement processes due to feedback.

Provide Quick and Easy Solutions

Manage your patients’ processes in the most efficient way with ticket and help support systems, and facilitate the follow-up of your team’s work!

The rapid response rate of requests in healthcare institutions using Cxperium has increased by 40%.

You can manage patients’ problems, wishes or needs more effectively. It is now easier to meet patient demands by providing quick solutions!

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