Enhance your customer experience and collect their feedback easily.

Learn more about potential and existing customers

Understand your customers better

Send surveys to your target market to better understand their behavior, perceptions and attitudes.

Measure brand awareness and sentiment

Find out what people think of your brand and discover new growth opportunities.

Connect better with customers

Leverage feedback to personalize your communications, website experience, and even A/B testing campaigns.

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Get actionable feedback on every transaction

Find out what influences purchasing decisions

Quickly identify what influences your customers’ purchasing decisions and see their buying patterns.

Track post-purchase sentiments​

Track how much your customers value your product or service over time and determine how to increase their satisfaction rates.​

Identify the pain points in your purchasing flow

Discover what keeps people from becoming your customers, from design to price points.​

Deliver exceptional experiences to your customers

Delight your new customers early and often

Gather feedback to better implement, support and strengthen your new customer experiences.

Improve your bids with real-time feedback

Find out what customers expect from your products and services and make proactive improvements.

Optimize customer service

Deliver a great experience to everyone using customer service surveys across multiple touchpoints.​

Share all information with customers

Show customers you’re listening and proactively respond to feedback as it comes in.​


About customer feedback surveys​ get more information​

Net Promoter Score (NPS)​

Easily submit transactional and relational NPS surveys to understand what drives your customers’ satisfaction.​


Talk to your customers before and after the event. Get live feedback or create a kiosk poll on your tablet or phone.

Customer Service

Improve the customer experience by evaluating the effectiveness of customer service and call center.​

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Innovative Stay Experience with Cxperium Digital Hotel Assistant!

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Go beyond collecting feedback with Cxperium. Make change in your organization with Cxperium Advanced WhatsApp surveys!


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