Whatsapp Surveys: New Generation Survey System

What is the Whatsapp Surveys?

Whatsapp survey is a survey method that users conduct through the Whatsapp messaging application. Survey participants answer Whatsapp surveys directly through the messaging app. In this way, the survey owner provides a simultaneous interaction with the participants. This allows for quick and easy collection of data, as well as the ability to conduct surveys in real-time. It can support users Whatsapp surveys with various types of questions that they can share in messaging apps. In this way, the survey owner obtains more efficient data from the users with various question types.

What is the Whatsapp Poll ?

A WhatsApp poll is a type of survey that allows users to vote on a single question or multiple questions through the WhatsApp messaging platform. Users can share their surveys within a Whatsapp group or in a one-on-one chat. It is an easy way to gather opinions and feedback on a specific topic or question.
Users can participate in the survey by choosing one of the relevant survey options on the survey builder platform and see the survey results in real time while voting. Some polls also allow users to see the vote count but keep the voters anonymous.

Whatsapp surveys have a wide range of uses. Users can use Whatsapp surveys for many purposes such as market research, event planning, customer feedback, etc. Whatsapp polls are pretty easy to create. The survey owner can collect ideas and feedback from a large number of people in a short time through messaging applications.

There are several benefits to conducting a survey on WhatsApp Surveys:

1. Convenience: WhatsApp is a widely used messaging platform, making it easy to reach a large number of participants quickly and easily.

2. Real-time data collection: Whatsapp Surveys can be conducted in real-time, allowing for immediate feedback and analysis of data.

3.Cost-effective: WhatsApp is a free platform, eliminating the need for expensive survey software or mailing costs.

4.Increased response rate: Surveys conducted through WhatsApp may have a higher response rate as it is more convenient for participants to respond to a survey via a messaging platform they are already using.

5.Quick and easy to use: Creating and conducting a survey on WhatsApp is simple and straightforward, requiring minimal technical knowledge.

6. Flexibility: Questionnaires can come in different formats, including multiple choice, open-ended, and rating scale questions.

7.Anonymity: Participants can reply to the survey anonymously which increases their willingness to be honest and share their opinions.

WhatsApp Survey is a useful thing that person who want to collect data and understand people’s thoughts. So, a survey from WhatsApp should be beneficial from the busineses and persons. The survey system within Whatsapp can be used to access these benefits. But default in app WhatsApp Survey option is not show the best potential. Just at this point, Thanks to Cxperium you can create functional surveys from WhatsApp.


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